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Harvest Snaps Review And Giveaway!

Harvest Snaps Review And Giveaway!

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I was excited to get the chance to review Harvest Snaps!!! We had bought them a couple times before at Winco, Kylie is my health food fanatic! I tried these as well but Kylie is obessed with them!! She plans to take thm in her lunch in place of chips to school!! 

Harvest snaps sent a box with three pea snaps and three lentil snaps!!! They were all different flavors Onion Thyme, Caesar, Tomato Basil, Black Pepper, Lightly Salted, and Wasabi Ranch. Kylie’s favorite was lightly salted and Michael loved the Wasabi Ranch.  Be sure to check out the whole line of ->  Harvest Snaps!!! 

Harvest Snap


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I Turned 30 And Rocked Hitting My Weight Watchers Goal Weight!!

Weight Watchers Goal Progress Photo

Weight Watchers Goal Weight…. boy that 155 was a SCARY number for me!! The first time around when I joined Weight Watcher was in Nov 2011!! I joined with a good friend who had done it before and another friend who was wanting to try it.  I had to quit a couple times because of finances and then of course life happened.  I realized last year…. I wasn’t gonna be in my twenties for ever!! I wanted to be healthy and fit by the time I turned 30!! I can’t even EXPLAIN everything I have gone through this past year.   I learned how to maintain, enjoy life, new workouts, new found love of 5ks, and so much more!! Most importantly I reflected a lot on my past and found how I wanted things to be different for my kids so history doesn’t repeat itself.  I love that my kids have taken on my love of 5ks!! (Just wish 5ks didn’t charge per head)

5k With the Kids

10 Things That Helped Me Get To My Weight Watchers Goal:

  1. Weight Watchers!! I had tried other diets, eating better, counting calories, etc but nothing worked for me.   I am a bit of a math nerd soooo the points formula was perfect for me!! 
  2. Water!! Holy cow once I upped my water I was less “Hungry” all the time!! Its true it helps to fill you up.  If I feel hungry at a non meal time I chug water to see if its true hunger or if I am just bored. 
  3. Portion Sizes!! I had never in my life paid attention to what a portion size was expect at work (Food costs go up if you over serve).   It was always a shocker to me to see what a serving really was when using my Ozeri Food Scale and my collection of measuring cups and spoons really was.  In the beginning i realized somethings my serving was really four servings!! 
  4. Accountability buddies!! I could always turn to one and say hey I am struggling and they would ask me if i had tracked, ask questions that helped me realize what was really going on, and sometimes just saying keep going!!! 
  5. Trackers!!! I used notebooks and official Weight Watchers planners.  Even though I tracked on E-tools as well it was great to look at past weeks and see what I had done, exercise and what not.  I could look at a big loss week and see what had gone well! 
  6. The gym!! I have learned I am not dedicated (or ie the kids won’t leave me alone) to do a full workout at home.  I joined the gym in October and that is when I started to see the biggest difference in toning.  I have taken it further with strength training and love it!!! Look for free trail passes like this one to -> 24 Hour Fitness to gym shop.  The local gym we joined was bought out by LA Fitness and I love that one more,  I wish we had done their free trial in the beginning!
  7. A Fitbit! I got mine last July and LOVE IT!!! It has motivated me to stay moving (even though I work at home on my butt) and to hit my minimum step requirement a day!! (Not sure what it is see my post -> here) I recommend the one or the zip, I push strollers to much to use the Flex
  8. Photos and body measurements!! The scale is not the only thing to measure your success in!! The months the scale didn’t move I was replacing my body fat with muscle!!! I could see the difference in pictures! 
  9. Meal planning and scheduling!! I always try to plan any foods I want to “enjoy” on Wednesday my weigh in day.  I also make to plan for me and the kids properly if I am making separate meals (they are still kids who love mac and cheese).  The weeks I don’t’ plan I fall off the wagon! 
  10. Upbeat music on an Ipod shuffle and comfy shoes! I have three now and I keep on in my purse (as long as kids don’t pull it out) and my gym bag!! I love to turn it on any chance I get.  I find that I am more likely to move if I have good music and good shoes on!! I do this even at the grocery store I walk faster and tend not to stand around.  I love the one earbud in one ear trick cause I can still hear what is going on around me! 

 Offical Weight Watcher Goal

Also I have learned better how my body reacts to heat, weight training, and food.   I know what causes the scale to to go up and stay up.   I hit goal weight on my birthday June 27 (My goal weight was 155 the high end for Weight Watchers) and won $21 for a diet bet as well! However the heat wave and a vacation trip made my weight go up and kinda stay up.  Taking off three pounds took almost 2 freaking months!!! But I did it!  There was a couple weeks I was .4 and .8 from goal.   I am still shocked I didn’t throw in the towel it was worse then the holidays!!! 

After “officially” hitting goal I went and stayed on “vacation” at my moms for a week. I was up this past week but under my “+2″  by .2 for goal/lifetime status. I had enjoyed foods I hadn’t allowed myself to eat in a LONG time and enjoyed every bit of it with no regrets.  I am back to busting but today to stay on track and work my way back down to below 155 again I love that Weight Watchers.  I can’t wait for my Sept 24 weigh in when I will be officially lifetime!  

 What I Didn’t Expect To Happen When I Hit My Weight Watchers Goal: 

  1. I would be in a smaller size then I was when I graduated from high school 2002
  2. I would enjoy jogging and running
  3. I would be obsessed with 5ks, obstacles, and running in mud 
  4. My kids confidence would increase as mine did and they would do 5ks with me!
  5. That I would crave drinking a gallon of water a day! When I started Weight Watchers I was drinking ONLY diet coke and energy drinks.
  6. I have a collarbone and hip bones!!! 
  7. That I would buy size 4 shorts and a wear an extra small dress in Maui!
  8. I would loose shoe sizes!! I went from a women’s 7 to a girls size 4!!! Makes shoes much cheaper while replacing them. 
  9. I would be come more girly!! Its fun how much better clothes fit you and how much better you feel in general about your self!! Plus I wear pink now!
  10. I would HATE the days I couldn’t make it to the gym! 

Weight Watchers Goal and Loving life

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