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7 Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Explained! These steps are crucial to achieving financial freedom and living life not just paying debt and continuing to dig holes!

  Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey and his 7 baby steps? If not, you … [Read More...]

Wondering How to Save Money by Shopping at the Dollar Store?? It is very easy to do and a great way to make your budget stretch even further.

There are many stores around that claim to be some sort of ‘dollar store’, and … [Read More...]

christmas in july

It’s Christmas! Oh wait, no it’s not. It’s Christmas! In July! If you are … [Read More...]

These 5 Age Appropriate Chores for Teens are a great way for your teen to earn money and learn responsibility at the same time.

  Between the eye rolls, sighs and “no one understands me!” comments, your … [Read More...]

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