Homemade Nonstick Spray! Replace Your Pam Frugally!

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Homemade Nonstick Spray  

Homemade Nonstick Spray?? Sounds to good to be true right! I saw the pin on Pintrest you have probably seen it to!  Olive Oil and water equals nonstick? I finally remembered to grab a spray bottle (I just got one at Dollar Tree to try this out!!) and will be upgrading to an official Misto!! I have tested this out in casserole pans, crockpots, and baking dishes with no problems!! Plus the dishes have required less scrubbing!! I have always hated the residue from Pam on my dishes!!  Thank you Nature’s Nurtures Blog for the ratio for the Homemade Nonstick Spray.

Directions for Homemade Nonstick Spray:

1 Part Olive Oil 
4 Parts Water
shake and spray!! 

(I did 1 table spoon Olive Oil and 4 Table spoons water) I have made this three times since its not food safe container I was nervous to make a big batch and have it go bad. 

Homemade Nonstick Spray

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  1. mo says

    Easy, I might try one for crockpot and add clove of garlic in bottom to see if flavor stays in oil.????
    Do we refridgerate?

  2. Abby says

    hallelujah! maybe this can save my bakewear from all that grimy, yellow, disgusting grime that cooking spray leaves behind.

  3. Renee says

    I will be using this from now on I use alot of natural things for everything I do and I use alot of olive oil for many things so I will be using this recipe from now on thanks for sharing this:}

  4. Cheryl Fisher says

    I spend so much money per can to prevent sticking on my pans. Thanks for the recipe and I will be using it.

  5. Cheryl Giles says

    I love this. I quit using Pam because of the chemicals thought there had to be a replacement for it. THANKS

  6. Ashley Ford says

    thats a grate idea but is it ok to use on the omni diet ? i found this link when looking up omni recipes and i would love to try this but need to know if its alright :) please and thank you.

  7. says

    I used to keep olive oil in a spray bottle, but it stopped working and I have been forgetting to replace it. Thanks for the reminder – and the tip to thin oil with water. Definitely trying this! Visiting from #TreasureBoxTuesday

  8. says

    How easy is this? I wonder if it could be done with coconut oil? Maybe only in summer months when the oil isn’t solid? Either way, it’s a fantastic idea.


    Can you use canola or another oil? Does it have to be olive oil? Believe it or not, my husband is allergic to olives.

  10. says

    Wow, just saved a must try these Pam cans aren’t cheap and if I already have the stuff I need at home why not try? Thanks for sharing found you over at Wonderful Wed blog hop :)

  11. says

    Um, wow. This is awesome! And I love how this is the post that keeps on giving. It’s cheap AND you don’t have all those fake mystery ingredients like the store bought nonstick sprays, making it healthier overall! Pinning this puppy. Thanks so much for sharing this. #MeetUpMonday


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