How to Save Money by Shopping at the Dollar Store

Wondering How to Save Money by Shopping at the Dollar Store?? It is very easy to do and a great way to make your budget stretch even further.

There are many stores around that claim to be some sort of ‘dollar store’, and almost all of them are relevant for this article. Some stores have everything priced at just one dollar, while others will go up to a few dollars per item. While shopping for brand names it may not be possible to find what you are looking for at a dollar store, but when you have a basic list of things that you need, a dollar store will be your all in one stop.  And they are even better if you can pair up their pricing with a coupon!!

Cleaning/Organizing Supplies

  • There are times when you need a lot of cleaning and organizing supplies. For example, when you move into a new home you’ll want to scrub everything down and organize as you move in. If you buy everything at the dollar store for this, from brooms and mops to organizing bins and cleaning supplies, you can throw things away when done using them (the things that get dirty) and not have to worry about it. Spending just $20 can get you all of the cleaning supplies that you would ever need, and at around $1 a piece, organizing bins are perfect for keeping your home tidy from the start.  Be sure to see how I organzied our ->Spice Cabinets with containerizes from the dollar store!

School/Craft Supplies

  • School is just around the corner! Do you plan on buying your child all of the brand names and the best of the best? No? Alright, then why not try the dollar store? Brand names are nice, and some things you just can’t buy cheap, but for basic items like pencils, erasers, pens, etc., you can purchase those at dollar stores for a fraction of what they would cost at other stores.  Plus our dollar store carries brand name character crayons, books, and so much more we get there.  Plus my youngest Bella loves to get the construction paper packs from there as well.

Party Supplies

  • So you’re having a birthday party for your little one? Check out the dollar store for your party supplies! From balloons and favor bags, to plates and napkins, they have just about every color and will save you a ton! Of course if you are doing a “theme” you may not be able to find specific things at the dollar store, but you can sure find certain colored things and plenty of supplies to make DIY décor!  Plus these plates and cups are a great way to make -> meals more fun!


  • Hair ties that your kids will lose in a day? Cotton balls? Qtips? Toothbrushes? Dollar store! They have tons of health and beauty items from hair accessories to bathroom necessities. At prices that you can’t beat, you can stock up on just about everything. It’s also great for vacation items and camping necessities.  I have even found name brand makeup and tooth paste at the dollar store!


  • Have you broken three plates in the past week? Need some tin foil or your favorite box of candy? This store will have all of your needs all in one place. They have some surprisingly cute dishes, and a wall of items and gadgets that you can use and fit in your kitchen drawer. Their candy selection is also quite impressive.  I love their sandwich containers to, we have gotten several Disney and Marvel characters there. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to your local dollar store right now! Stock up on those items that you always seem to be buying and save some money!

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Jenny is a SAHM to three kids, as well as soccer coach, and Girl Scout leader. She is a lifetime Weight Watchers member, running enthusiast, and loves to work out! She and her kids have discovered a new passion for cooking.

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  1. Elizabeth H. says

    I Love Dollar Tree! I go there for a lot of things I need!! I go anywhere between 2-3 times a week. Some of the workers there even know me by my first name I go there so much! Sometimes you can find some name brand items there, but if you see those and you really want to get them, you better get them when you see them because they could be gone the next time you go in there!

    • says

      Agreed!!! I have realized if I hit other Dollar Trees in the area I find more goodies, though my pocket book may not think that’s as much fun as I do!

  2. says

    Great post, Jenny!
    I completely agree, the dollar store is a great way to save money on lots of things! I had never gone to dollar stores much until I was planning my wedding. I was able to buy 30 vases for $30 to decorate with that would have cost close to $100 anywhere else! The vases were decent quality too, I still use some of them regularly.
    I found you on Home Matters, thanks for linking up!

  3. says

    Love the Dollar Tree. I always told my daughter to shop at the Dollar Tree first and then buy what you couldn’t find there other places. But they have really expanded their stock because you can find lots there. Great post for us frugal people !!

  4. says

    I always hit the Dollar Store for things like stocking stuffers or Easter basket fillers, as well and really great inexpensive containers for gift baskets.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at the #HomeMattersParty link party.

  5. says

    Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. I buy cotton balls, Q tips, bobby pins and miscellaneous things from their holiday section. Pinning and tweeting this. Happy Friday!

  6. says

    You are spot on with this list. Here in the UK we have Pound shops so the same thing, some things are not worth the £, they break or are just rubbish but all the things you list here are such good value. No need to spend more or party plates and plastic cups and the like.

  7. Myrna says

    I spend way too much money at Dollar Tree. One of the employees refers to us as ‘stock holders’
    At Christmas I glued the pretty blue glasses on top of their candleholders and they made great gifts. I did have problems with their toothpaste.

  8. says

    Hooray for The Dollar Store! Your list is spot-on. I need to buy more cleaning supplies there, as a matter of fact. Glad I saw you on Inspire Me Monday. Blessings!

  9. says

    I love the Dollar Tree! I buy Yardley soap for a dollar, sensitivity toothpaste for a dollar, hair doodads for a dollar, a bottle of coke for a dollar, a snickers bar for 89 cents. Sometimes when I’m having a chocolate and caffeine craving, I drive right past the gas station where a candy bar is “are-you-kidding-me” expensive, and to the dollar store I go. (Our dollar store is less than a mile from the gas station, so I’m not wasting a bunch of gas to get there.) And you’re right, cleaning supplies that work really well are only a dollar. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

  10. JaneEllen says

    It wasn’t til we moved to KY from MT when I discovered $tree stores. Helena was still small town without much shopping in 1999, had finally gotten a Walmart shortly before we moved.
    I really blew my budget first time I went into $tree in Bowling Green, what a haul. Was good as was decorating/shopping for kitchen goods for our house when we finally got it. Lived at KOA for few months til we got our house.
    There were couple other $ stores but none as good as $tree.
    We regularly go to $tree for our plastic bags, foil, all kinds of cooking helps, list too long to enumerate here. We get paid once a month (SS) so it’s good to have place to save money. Get lot of holiday goodies there also. We have 2 $tree stores in Grand Junction (CO) and have my favorite, is across from VA hospital so go there when hubs has an appt. HURRAY for $TREE is all I can say.
    Enjoy saving money at $tree, we sure do. Happy week

  11. says

    Totally agree on using the Dollar Tree for party supplies – can’t go wrong! Buying stuff at Party City or online is so much more expensive.

  12. says

    I love shopping at the Dollar Tree! They have so many great things for $1. I go in for all kinds of craft projects and cleaning products.

  13. says

    These are great tips on ways to save! I haven’t been to a Dollar Tree or any other dollar store in SO long, but I’ll have to check one out the next time we’re by one to find some great deals! Thanks so much for linking up with us in the Best of the Blogosphere Link-up! We hope you’ll join us again today :)

  14. says

    I visit the Dollar Tree at least once a week. I’m not obsessive, I promise! My daughter takes Karate Lessons and there is a Big Lots! and Dollar Tree next to the dojo so at least twice a week I’m across the parking lot from it. My biggest purchases that I make there are snack foods and school supplies. My 1st grader and preschooler go through notebooks at an astounding rate so I always buy them there and I found some great Adult Coloring Books there for a dollar each! Also I find little toys and stickers for the school store that is in the kindergarten classroom I volunteer in.

    Thanks so much for posting this at the Turn It Up Tuesday Link Party for me to find. I can’t wait to see some of your other posts!

  15. says

    Now is definitely the time to stock up on supplies for the holidays. I usually load up on paper products and aluminium roasters. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.

  16. says

    I shop at the Dollar Tree just about every week. I buy a lot of things from paper towels to school snacks. They’re great for everything and you can’t beat a buck!
    Kate | The Organized Dream

  17. says

    Who doesn’t LOVE the Dollar Store! You are so right, so many things can be picked up there! One stop shop!

    Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It.

  18. says

    One of my favorite things to buy at the Dollar Store are gift bags. Huge ones or small ones, they are all a dollar – and MUCH cheaper than you can get anywhere else. I also buy the $1 packs of tissue paper.
    Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty. Hope to see you at this week’s party, the door is open Friday at midnight EST.

  19. says

    I always have fun looking at the Dollar Store. It’s a treasure hunt and you never know exactly what you’ll find. I like looking at the seasonal items to use at parties. Congrats, you’re featured at the This Is How We Roll Link Party.

  20. says

    I love our Dollar Stores here in the mountains!! Any time I’m doing a craft project and need supplies, I head there first! Be careful, though, because some things you can find cheaper at other stores, you just need to know the prices. Just because it’s a dollar store, doesn’t always mean that you’re getting a deal.

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