Inbox Dollars and How to Make Money!!

Inbox dollars is several different things rolled into one rewards program. The down fall to it is you have to hit $30 before you can cash out but getting there is fun and a goal that is very much achievable. There are ways to get there fast and isn’t too hard to do.This is some ways to build up the earnings faster!!

First step sign up here!!You will automatically get a $5 sign up bonus. Yes the $5 bonus will count towards the $30 cash out amount!!!

After you get all signed up be sure to install the toolbar. You will also earn a $1 just for doing this task. There are MANY benefits to have it installed in on your browser. You will get faster alerts for emails for both paid to read emails and surveys as well. As well as the paid emails and surveys you will have quick and easy access to the TV were you can earn money and also you can search from the tool bar as well for money

The way I do Inbox Dollars.

Once a day I will open a new browser window (normally after 7 or 8 pm for me). I will click on the emails icon on the tool bar. From there I will open any paid emails that were actually emailed me but without opening my email itself. You click on the icon confirm paid email it will open the content in a new tab and then you close the email.And repeat with the next new email listed. But after all the emails are read/clicked I can close the browser and they will all be gone and done with money in the account and credited. Most emails are $.02 but for how easy it is to do it works. Also the more emails you do the more you seem to get. I try to do mine daily for that reason.

The videos on Inbox Dollars are super easy to do.  Just let it play and click next when the video is over! Great way to earn a couple cents here and there!!

The surveys are kinda boring but hey anything for money right? I do my surveys as well from the tool bar as well. If you don’t qualify it will kick you out fast so no worries about wasting tons of time. Also if you have any referrals this is how you make money off them by them completing surveys. For each survey attempt or completion you get entered into a sweepstakes.

As well as those three key things there are other ways to earn through inbox dollars. There are special offers you can complete, printing of coupons, tasks, shopping, and games. I have mainly personally stuck to the surveys, e-mails, and videos. Though now that I know the tasks are there I am going to look further into those.

Referrals are great to have. You can earn money 10% of their qualified earnings without really working for it!!!

I am almost to my second $30 pay out and for about five months this year I hardly did Inbox Dollars as we were in the process of buying a house and moving!! This is one of those programs that if you stick with it is well worth it!!!!  Luckily none of the emails expire so I am catching up with my emails and should cash out this week!! That money will be put aside for the Christmas gift fund!!!


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Jenny is a SAHM to three kids, as well as soccer coach, and Girl Scout leader. She is a lifetime Weight Watchers member, running enthusiast, and loves to work out! She and her kids have discovered a new passion for cooking.


  1. Jena Green says

    Thank you for the review, Jenny! Maybe it will improve my earnings at Inbox dollars, still haven’t got enough for a payment from them… They set the bar too high!
    And I hope they will start sending out gas cards, the one I got from Gifthulk was a nice help for my family budget :)

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