Mommy Weight Loss Challenge Day 6

Woot Day 6 was day one of my new Weight Watcher. At weigh in I was down to 2 lbs!!! What a great start to the week that was!!

I got in a great work out at the gym and had a great day for food!!! I was really excited how the day went!! The kids ahd a great day lots of good stuff done most importantly I learned how to play PLUMBER!!! WOOT we can run dishes again!!!

Now for the fun stuff my food for the day!! I lost a point for my total target!! I did earn 7 activity points for kickboxing!!!

Weight Watchers Peanut bars 6
Salad 12 oz 0
Kraft Red fat ranch 4
Crutons (10) 2
Cheese 1/4 Cup 3
Chicken 3 ounces 3
Diet PepsiX3 0
Salad 12 oz 0
Kraft Red fat ranch 2
Crutons (10) 2
Cheese 1/4 Cup 3
Chicken 3 ounces 3
3 Chewy Granola Bars 12
Water 64 oz  0
Bananas-5 through out the day!!! 0

Disclaimer:  I am using Dustin Maher’s Fit Moms For Life Program.  To learn more please visit Fit Moms For Life.

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Jenny is a SAHM to three kids, as well as soccer coach, and Girl Scout leader. She is a lifetime Weight Watchers member, running enthusiast, and loves to work out! She and her kids have discovered a new passion for cooking.

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