Signs In Our Lives

So as many of you know my husband is a restaurant manager (so I was prior to moving to Tacoma from Vancouver) and one ting that is drilled in everyone’s head is branding.  Part of your branding is your signage,  we all can drive down the interstate recognize the major brands Mcds, KFC, Burger King, etc just off their signs.

In August one of the phone companies in the area, Qwest, was bought out by Century Link. Every thing had to be resigned including Qwest football stadium into Century Link stadium.  While it was neat seeing the little sign changes around our part of town it was CRAZY how fast the stadium had everything replaced!!! At a Seattle Seahawks pre-season game I was hunting every were for something that said Qwest but even the signs in the bathroom had been changed! We had just been there the for a Seattle Sounders game so it was more proof how fast companies work.

While branding is essential it’s not the only form of signage.  I love how every time we go to Olive Garden you can read right away who the manager is it. Typically they look like these signs from Impact Signs and their line of quality bronze plaques proudly displaying the information.  This means that the brand is taking a trust PROUDLY in this manager to run the restaurant and that the manager wants you know who they are.

As well as branding the most meaningful signage (well in my opinion) is memorial.  I remember going to Washington DC and visiting the Vietnam wall.  Being able to read and see all of those names allows for history to pass and be remembered by generations.  All to often tragedies occur on so many different levels and if it weren’t for signs like these at Impact Signs >here there wouldn’t be everyday reminders to keep the history and events fresh for everyone.

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    Great article. Its hard to realize just how much signage effects sales and drawing in customers! It is so important to have good signage!

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